Aircraft Management

24/7 Jet receives countless charter requests daily. We can turn those requests into a revenue stream for you. Our aircraft owners receive comprehensive reports, detailing their aircraft’s charter revenue, cost offsets, and benefits passed on to you.

24/7 Account Checkup

Annual Analysis Of Your Aircraft’s Usage, Service, And Reliability

Annual Projections Of Revenue And Costs

Options For Equipment And Furnishings Updates

We collect data from our ground and flight teams to generate thorough insights into your aircraft’s operation. We use this data to streamline your operation, making you and your asset more efficient to tap into cost benefits.





Your flight. Your preferences. Your world.

We have been serving private jet clients since 2003, and it shows from the moment you leave your doorstep. Your flight experience on your plane is the finest in the world

Your Own Flight Department

Your flight department starts with you. Your plane, your schedule, your travel experience. We are your dedicated 24/7 flight department, just a phone call away, and with worldwide resources standing by for your mission.

  • Ground service coordination
  • Overflight and landing permits
  • Preflight & contingency planning
  • Maintenance support with 24/7 rapid response
  • TSA and international security & safety procedures

Thorough Recruiting World Class Training

Your flight safety, success, and service all start here. 24/7 Jet hires only the best flight crews, and retains our talent with incentives to prevent attrition.

  • National and international recruitment chain
  • Phase 1 Video Interview
  • Phase 2 In-person interview
  • Phase 3 interview with the aircraft owner (in-person or video)
World Class Training
  • Biannual flight training
  • Latest technology full motion simulators
  • Recurrent international and emergency procedures training
  • Cabin attendant food safety, first aid, and emergency procedures training

When buying or selling a plane, there is a team behind you, guiding and advising, to ensure your transaction is smooth and with the desired outcome.

Greener Going

24/7 Jet is joining private aviation’s efforts to reduce its global impact. We work with multiple CO2 carbon offset programs so our owners can opt in to these voluntary programs. Receive certified carbon credits and support sustainability projects to make our going greener.